At Waxcraft our name says it all!

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At Waxcraft Cat the "bikini waxer" is an Expert' in The Service she Performs, this is an alternative to the Production Line spas and waxing salons... where everyone is expected to perform all waxing services, even if they are not skilled at them.

At Waxcraft the Name Says it All!

With the spooky chic decor and the sound of 80s hair metal, the moment you enter this couture coven of waxing, you will know, that this aint your mama’s day spa and you’re not in Kansas anymore!

But fear not my pretties, Cat respects the craft of waxing and this means that she will use only the finest waxing products available, never double dips , and is a absolute waxpert in the services she provides!

With a twitch of her magic waxing wand, she will leave you spellbound!

Brazilian Waxing 

Soul Facials 

Divine Feminine
Ener-She Healing


Hi, I'm Cat,

"I'm Cat Coakley, a licensed Esthetician and Certified Divine Feminine Awakening & Ener-She Healer. With over two decades of experience, I've specialized in Brazilian waxing for most of my esthetics career. Prior to becoming an Esthetician, I was a Dental Assistant, an experience that significantly boosted my confidence in the treatment room.

I recently relocated my business to a charming space in downtown Pleasanton, and I'm excited about the opportunities this location provides. While I'll still be offering Brazilian waxing, my focus is shifting towards my Ener-She offerings and the creation of The Stardust Goddess Spa—a facial for your soul—within Waxcraft.

This sacred space combines Ener-She healing and sacred touch facials to provide amazing and healing experiences, with the intention of reawakening the divine feminine within you."

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"Absolutely love Cat!"

Absolutely love Cat! She is so wonderful. I cannot recommend her services enough. She makes you feel very comfortable and is very professional. Unlike other places, she takes hygiene VERY seriously. I have sensitive skin and I have never had any issues. I don’t trust anyone but her. This is the place to go!

~ Raquel V.

"Cat is the
absolute best!"

Cat is the absolute best! I had always been nervous about getting waxed but she made me feel so comfortable. She is very careful, detailed, and thorough. She prioritizes sanitation and cleanliness. I ALWAYS come back to her because she is the ONLY one I trust. Whether it’s your first time, or millionth, I could not recommend her enough!

"she is super clean, quick and knowledgeable!"

I love Cat!! She will forever be my kitty waxer. I have been going to her for a few years now. She is super clean, quick and knowledgeable. Appointments with her are always a blast and something to look forward to. Oh..and the waxing is painless. Glad I left my other lady for her. She’s stuck with me now 😉

Cat is the BEST!!!!   Don't go anywhere else!   Looking for a awesome facial? An awesome Brazilian?   Professional!  Clean!  Awesome location!"!"

 ~ Allyssa M

"amazing experience!"

Absolutely one of the best wax parlors I have ever went to! Very professional and personable, such an amazing experience, clean, just amazing experience! She has a forever customer with me and I will refer her to any and everyone!

~ Brittnee H



The Stardust Goddess Spa

Located inside Waxcraft. 
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A Facial for your Soul

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