Bewitching Your Kitty with Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian New Client 90.00

Brazilian 4-6 week 80.00

Brazilian 7 weeks plus 90.00

2 week refresh cleanup 40.00

Skinny 50.00

Bikini 45.00

Add on top of outer thigh with any intimate wax 25.00


Sweet Cheeks 35.00

Oxy-Vajacial 60.00 (2 weeks after wax)

Bewitching Body

Tummy trail 20.00

Lower leg 45.00

Lower back 35.00

Full back 85.00

Under arms 25.00

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We are unable to wax you if you are on Blood thinners and or Accutane .

We cannot wax any area that you're using Retin A or any topical RX.

If you have received Any vaccine (Flu/COVID-19 etc) We strongly recommend that you wait 2 weeks post injection before waxing to Avoid an adverse reaction.

Minors require a Parent/Guardian consent.

If you have a cold or flu like symptoms please reschedule 


"the vibe/ambiance made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked in."

"So very pleased with my first ever Brazilian wax! Cat was amazing and made the experience super easy. The vibe/ambiance made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked in. For such a vulnerable experience, Cat definitely made it as pleasant as possible. Would highly recommend this place to anyone looking!! "

~Lisa C

"I've never had  a smoother, painless wax experience until I met Cat!!"

Let me just say that I've never had a smoother, painless wax experience until I met Cat! I don't know what kind of "Waxcraft" she did but I literally didn't feel a thing!
I'm in love with her place! Such a fun place to walk in!
Cat does such an amazing job keeping it clean, fun and inviting. You can't help but fun in love with it as soon as you walk in! She always has treats and water for you! Trust me! You'll wanna go back!

"she is the only one
I trust."

Cat is the absolute best! I had always been nervous about getting waxed but she made me feel so comfortable. She is very careful, detailed, and thorough. She prioritizes sanitation and cleanliness. I ALWAYS come back to her because she is the ONLY one I trust. Whether it’s your first time, or millionth, I could not recommend her enough!

~ Stephanie H

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