Unlike traditional Masculine based energy healing,  Ener-She is 100% based on Sacred Feminine energy! Returning to Women what the Patriarchy stole! It’s not WOO WOO — It’s Woman !

Sacred Feminine


Includes guided meditations, sound healing and Copper & Quartz Chakra Light

60 Minute Session

Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansings

Ener-She Healing touch Facial will Relax and Rejuvenate your soul.

Ideal introduction to Ener-She healing.

Self Love and Roses


Guided meditations,  Sound healing, Copper and Crystal Chakra light enhance the offering.

90 Minute Session

An offering fit for the Queen that you are!

Begins with a healing touch Facial to open your Higher Heart Chakra allowing you to receive Ener-She healing and awaken your sacred feminine essence.

The Rose Petal ceremony will create the highest vibrations of Love energy.

The Journey


Sound healing, Copper and Crystal Chakra light included.

Two Hour Session

Awaken your Divine Femine Power!

*Requires a Consultation Prior to booking*

Ener-She healing touch facial

3 guided visualization journeys to introduce you to HER! Your Birthright!

This is an Empowering Journey!

Ener-She Healing for the Goddess on the Go

30 minutes – $77.00

60 minutes – $99.00

Relax  and recharge under the Chakra Light with Sound Healing 

**No Facial**

Triple Goddess Peel

Single Peel – $250.00
Series of 6 – $1,350
Series of 8 – $1,600

Resorcinol, Kojic acid , Salicylic acid are the Triple Goddesses of this peel!

Stimulate collagen, reduce pores and refine skin texture! No down time! 

1 peel every 2-3 weeks (6 to 8 peels total) is recommended to achieve the ultimate results .

Post peel maintenance is recommended once every 2 months after the initial series.

A consult is required for the following services

Pumpkin Peel
45 minutes – $99.00

Green Power Peel

30 minutes – $ 88.00

Vita Brite

45 minutes – $111.00

Neck and Decolletage ad on with any peel –

$ 55.00

Vita Brite Hand peel – $44.00 

Additional Facial Services

Caviar & Gold Facial
With Microcurrent and LED Light 
90 minutes – $199.00

Back Facial
45 minutes – $95.00