Cat L.E.

☾ Creatrix of Ener-She Healing 

☾ Licensed Esthetician 21 years

☾ Brazilian Wax expert 19 years

☾ Certified Energy Healer

 ☾ Certified Reiki Master/Teacher

☾ Certified in Divine Feminine Awakening 

☾ Sacred Feminine Ener-She Facilitator 

Cat Coakley has spent her 21 year career mastering the Art of Brazilian waxing. She has educated and trained several Estheticians in the art of  Brazilian waxing. 

The last couple years Cat has completed courses in Divine Feminine and Energy Healing and in doing so, she has discovered her newfound  passion. 

Her intentions are now to hold sacred space and facilitate Ener-She healings. While she will continue to offer Brazilian waxing, she is limiting her waxing schedule to accommodate her Ener-She healing offerings as well as training other Estheticians in Ener-She. 

She just celebrated 25 years of marriage and is Proud Glamma to her beautiful Grandchildren.