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  • Cat is one word... AMAZING!!!!

    I've been to other waxers, they don't have the personality or the cleanliness that Cat does. Other waxers always double dip there sticks which really bothers me. When I started going to Cat and seeing how clean she keeps things makes me come back! Cat also has this amazing personality and just makes anyone feel super comfortable even though we are exposing a lot of flesh. She keeps people at ease and totally gets your mind off the painful ways of waxing! I wouldn't trust my waxing needs to anyone but Cat!
    - Reshma, Fremont

  • Cat is the BEST!!!!

    I would never go to Brazil with anyone but Her!
    - Stefanie S., Dublin

  • Super-Cat the Magical Bikini Waxer

    First off, her name should actually be Super-Cat the Magical Bikini Waxer. Cat first saved me from a life in the jungle about four years ago when I moved to the Bay Area. I had no idea what I was in for, but I stumbled upon her previous business, called her up, and had all of my questions/concerns answered with no hesitation. I made an appointment, took a deep breath, and said goodbye to the jungle.

    Cat is a professional. She really knows her stuff, is familiar with the laws, keeps updated on boards, and genuinely cares about a woman's safety in beauty. Not to mention, she's easy to talk to, has the best skills at keeping you distracted during the waxing, and makes the whole experience as quick and painless (if that word is even possible to apply to such a thing) as possible. I mean, really, what more could you ask for when getting a wax job in probably the most sensitive area of your body? Cat takes the awkward out of a punani wax, and is easily one of the most rockin' ladies I know!
    - Melissa M., San Francisco

  • 100% knowledgeable

    Cat is not only 100% knowledgeable about the art of waxing but faithfully follows Universal Precaution which leaves me safe in the knowledge that I will never develop any type of infection!!! Cat's warm and friendly personality leaves even the most self-conscience individuals as myself feel instantly as ease!!
    - Ashley W., SLZ